Bridgetown Diocese launches September Bible Month

Young Bible readers with Msgr. Harcourt Blackett

We are celebrating Bible Month in Barbados and one of the exercises is to pray daily that the Word finds a home in us.

A prayer card was designed to remind people to pray every day.

We began the month with the Enthroning of the Word of God (the Bible) on Sunday (yesterday) It was a great beginning to Bible Month. The Bishop at the Saturday evening Mass gave a rousing sermon on the place of the Bible in the life of the church… ..

On Saturday 14 September there will be the Bible Walker-a-thon at 5:30am along the Board Walk organized jointly with the Bible Society and APB.

Members of the Catholic Community and members of the Bible Society met near the Hastings Esplanade at 5:30am and were led in prayers by Msgr. Vincent Blackett just after 5:30 am and then walked the length of the board walk a couple of times.






We are also going to introduce Lectio Divina in our parishes and institutions.

There will also be Bible week within the month from 23-26 of September when a presentation on Verbum Domini will be given each night.

During the month we will be honouring several persons who have contributed to promoting the Word of God in Barbados over the years.