Hamilton - Apostolic Works, Organisations


The Diocesan Centre, P.O. Box HM1191, Hamilton, HMEX, Bermuda
Tel: (441) 292-1981, Fax: (441) 292-8416; e-mail:
Mrs. Essie Hans, Director of Religious Education

P.O. Box HM 1191, Hamilton, HMEX, Bermuda
Rev. Joseph Scollard, CR, Chaplain; Mrs. Joanne Judd, President

Rev. Julio Blazejewski, CR
P.O. Box HM 1191, Hamilton, HMEX, Bermuda
Tel: (441) 292-0607

Hamilton - Chancery, Parishes, Clergy


Street address: “Halcyon”, 2 Astwood Road, Paget, DV04, Bermuda
Mailing address: Roman Catholic Chancery, P.O. Box HM 1191, Hamilton, HM EX, Bermuda
Tel: (441) 232-4414; (441) 238-2232; Fax: (441) 232-4447; e-mail: orcc@northrock.bm;
web site: www.catholicbermuda.org
Vicar General: Rev. Paul. S. Voisin, CR
Matrimonial Tribunal: Officialis: The Bishop
Financial Officer & Assistant to the Bishop: Mrs. Joanne Judd


Cathedral: St. Theresa’s
13 Elliott St., Box HM1191, Hamilton HM EX, Bermuda
Tel: (441) 292–0607; Fax: (441) 292–2477; e-mail: sttheresas@northrock.bm
Rev. Joseph Palubeski, CR, Rev. Julio Blazejewski, CR

Paget: St. Michael’s
South Road, Box PG 271, Paget PG BX, Bermuda

(441) 236–2166; Fax: (441) 232–2695; e-mail: stmichaels@logic.bm
Rev. Wlodzimierz Sobolewski, CR

Smith’s: St. Patrick’s
1 St. Patrick’s Road, Box FL 267, Flatts, FL BX, Bermuda
Tel: (441) 236–9866; Fax: (441) 232–2824; e-mail: stpats@ibl.bm
Rev. Paul. S. Voisin, CR

Somerset: St. Joseph’s
43 Main Road, Box MA 5, Somerset, Bermuda
Tel: (441) 234–2321
Rev. Joseph Morley

St. George’s: Stella Maris
3 Duke of Clarence St., Box GE 78, St. George’s GE BX, Bermuda
Tel: (441) 297–0512; Fax: (441) 297-4121; e-mail: stellamaris@northrock.bm
Rev. Harry Reitzel, CR

Warwick: St. Anthony’s
26 Middle Road, Box WK 532, Warwick WK BX, Bermuda
Tel: (441) 238–1784; Fax: (441) 232–9063; e-mail: stanthonys@northrock.bm
Rev. Joseph Scollard, CR

Hamilton - Succession of Prelates


Most Rev. Robert S. Dehler, CR
Appointed Prefect Apostolic of Bermuda: March 10, 1953
Appointed Vicar Apostolic: January 28, 1956
Consecrated Titular Bishop of Clazomene: March 19, 1956
Died: August 26, 1966

Most Rev. Bernard J. Murphy, CR
Appointed Bishop of Hamilton in Bermuda: June 28, 1967
Consecrated: September 1, 1967
Died: May 22, 1974

Most Rev. Brian Leo Hennessy, CR, D.D.
Appointed Bishop of Hamilton in Bermuda: March 18, 1975
Consecrated: May 14, 1975
Died: February 13, 1997

Hamilton - Prelate Information

Bishop of Hamilton-in-Bermuda
Date of Birth: July 25th, 1939; Ordained priest: March 11th, 1967; Appointed Bishop: June 1st, 1995; Ordained Bishop: September 15th, 1995


The golden lion which holds a rose covered shield on a field of blue represents Bermuda and the city of Hamilton surrounded
by the sea. The roses represent the Cathedral of Hamilton dedicated to St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, “The Little Flower.”

The Pascal Lamb and Resurrection Banner symbolize the pascal mystery — the death and resurrection of Jesus. These symbols also represent the Congregation of the Resurrection, the religious community of which Bishop Kurtz is a member.

The letter M and the star symbolize Mary, Mother of the Lord, who leads us to her son Jesus and is venerated as Stella Maris, Star of the Sea.

The Latin motto, Resurrexit Alleluia is taken from the Easter Liturgy. It is profession of faith, hope, love and joy — Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. Praise God!

Curriculum Vitae

Most Reverend Robert Joseph Kurtz
Priest of the Congregation of the Resurrection
Bishop of Hamilton in Bermuda

  1. Born in Chicago, Illinois, USA on 25 July 1939, only child
    of Joseph Kurtz and Augusta Gronke Kurtz.
  2. Primary education at St. Hyacinth Elementary School in Chicago. Graduated in 1953. Served as altar server in the parish for five years, one of the sources for vocation to the priesthood.
  3. Graduated from Archbishop Joseph Weber High School, conducted by the Priests and Brothers of the Congregation of the Resurrection, in 1957.
  4. Entered the Novitiate of the Congregation of the Resurrection in Winnetka, Illinois and professed first vows
    on January 6, 1959.
  5. College Seminary education at St. John Cantius Seminary and St. Louis University in the field of Spanish Language and Literature, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in 1962 and a Master’s degree in 1964.
  6. Theology Program completed at St. John Cantius Seminary conducted by the Congregation of the Resurrection in St. Louis, Missouri. Ordained to the Priesthood with five other members of the Congregation of the Resurrection in St. Louis Cathedral on March 11, 1967 by Joseph Cardinal Ritter.
  7. Assignments:
              ·         1967-1970. Teacher of Spanish and Director of the Foreign Languages Department at Fr. Francis Gordon Technical High School in Chicago, Illinois.
              ·         1970-1975. Assistant Pastor for the Spanish-speaking at St. Hedwig Parish in Chicago. Simultaneously, Graduate Studies in New Testament and Early Christian Literature at the University of
                 Chicago. Master’s Degree Awarded in 1975.
             ·         1975-1981. Elected to serve as Assistant Superior General of the Congregation of the Resurrection in Rome, Italy. Simultaneously,Graduate Studies in Archeology at the Pontifical Institute for
                 Christian Archeology in Rome. Licentiate Degree awarded in 1981.
            ·         1981-1993. Superior General of the Congregation of the Resurrection.
    1994-1995. Missionary in Oaxaca, Mexico, serving as Assistant at the Cathedral Parish and Spiritual Director at the Archdiocesan Seminary.
            ·         September 15, 1995. Ordained Bishop at St. Theresa’s Cathedral  in Hamilton, Bermuda: Ordaining Prelate: Archbishop Eugenio Sbarbaro, Apostolic Nuncio. Co-consecrators: Bishop Brian L.
                Hennessy, C.R. (deceased) and Bishop Nino Marzoli, C.R. (deceased).
    ·         2003-
    2009. Vice President of the Antilles Episcopal Conference.

    (June 8, 2011)

Hamilton - Sees, Country Information


Province of Nassau, Bahamas
Established as a Diocese, June 12, 1967
Formerly a Vicariate Apostolic, January 28, 1956
Previously a Prefecture Apostolic, March 10, 1953
Comprises the Bermuda Islands



Bermuda lies approximately 700 miles off the cost of North Carolina, U.S.A. and is a group of 138 islands which are of volcanic in origin and now covered with a limestone cap. The mainland is made up of the seven largest islands which are connected by bridges and causeways. The total area measures 21 square miles.

Bermuda is a dependent territory of Great Britain. Although self-governing, the United Kingdom remains responsible for Bermuda’s defense, external affairs, internal security, and the administration of the police force. The 2000 Census lists the total Population of Bermuda at 63,023 with 61% black and 39% white and other races.

The 2000 Census lists the Anglican Church as the largest church with 23% of the population and the Roman Catholics as second largest with 15% of the population, or roughly 9,000 members. The Açorean Portuguese makes up the largest foreign born population of the Catholic Church. Açorean immigration to Bermuda began in 1850. As a result, many Bermuda born children, who maintain their Açorean Portuguese heritage, are members of the Catholic Church.