Sunday 25th October 2015 Gospel Meditation for 30th Sunday of the year.

Reflections for October are by Archbishop David Macaire, Archbishop of Fort-de-France, Martinique

Readings: Jr. 31,7-9; He 5,1-6; mk 10, 46-52

But what did Bartimeus desire?

It is evident: Bartimeus wanted to see! And it is thus that he responded to Jesus’ question: “What do you want me to do for you?” But if Jesus asks this question which seems so evident, it is because there is another response that is deeper and more beautiful.

What Bartimeus wants is for God to have pity on him, in other words: he wants happiness. Continue reading

Sunday 18th October 2015 Gospel Meditation for 29th Sunday of the Year

Reflections for October are by Archbishop David Macaire, Archbishop of Fort-de-France, Martinique

Readings: Is 53,10-11; He 4,14-16; Mk 10, 35-45

“Suffering”, “sacrifice”, “torments”, “atonement for sins”, “trials of every kind”, “fear”, of God, “baptism of death” and “slavery” … the words of these texts are frightening and incomprehensible. In fact, the disciples who are seeking power, honour and riches have understood nothing of Jesus’ message. Continue reading

Sunday 11th October 2015 - Gospel Meditation for 28th Sunday of the Year.

Reflections for October are by Archbishop David Macaire, Archbishop of Fort-de-France, Martinique

Readings: Wisd.7:7-11; Heb. 4:12-13; Mk. 10:17-30

“Love only Jesus and Jesus alone before all things.”

So said an old monk on receiving a young novice to the Monastery. This (novice) all trembling, young and passionate, asking to enter the Monastery with a certain exaltation! He loved it, he wanted it, he desired to embrace the monastic life, all of the monastic life. Continue reading

Sunday 4th October 2015 - Gospel Mediation for 27th Sunday of the Year

Reflections for October are by Archbishop David Macaire, Archbishop of Fort-de-France, Martinique

Archbishop MacaireBio -Archbishop Macaire

Readings: Gen . 2: 18-24; Heb . 2:9-11; Mk.10:2-16

If you had to summarize this gospel what approach would you choose?

The legal approach perhaps?

“It is not lawful to divorce your wife! It is not lawful to divorce your husband!” Continue reading


Mgr Macaire with his mother and father

Mgr Macaire with his mother and father

Report by Pascal Gbiki of the Diocese of Basseterre – Guadeloupe

Sunday April 12th, 2015, second Sunday of Easter and divine mercy Sunday, Mgr David Macaire, appointed archbishop of Saint Pierre and Fort-de-France on march 7th, 2015, has received Episcopal consecration before 20 000 faithful, 87 priests and deacons, and 670 altar servants, all assembled in Pierre Aliker stadium, in Fort-de-France, transformed this day in a huge cathedral. Continue reading

David Bishop Macarius, new Archbishop of Saint Pierre and Fort de France

macarius Translated From - Eglise Catholique en Martinique

Bishop Gilbert Marie Michel Méranville announced on Radio Saint Louis Saturday morning March 7, the diocese knows the name of his new bishop.
The Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Bishop Gilbert Marie Michel Méranville for reasons of age, was indeed named 7 March 2015, Bishop David Macaire Archbishop of Saint Pierre and Fort-de-France. Continue reading

St. Pierre & Fort-de-France - Sees, Country Information


Suffragan Sees
Basse-Terre & Pointe-à-Pitre, Cayenne
Established as a diocese September 27, 1850
First Cathedral Seat: Fort-de-France
Transferred to Saint-Pierre, September 12, 1853
Returned to Fort-de-France after destruction of Saint-Pierre on May 8, 1902
Elevated to Archdiocese, September 30, 1967


Martinique, a French Overseas Department, is
situated 20 miles north of St Lucia and 25 miles south of Dominica. The total land area of the island is 1,006 sq. km or 425 square miles.

The present population is 360,000 inhabitants. 3% are of French descent, the rest of African origin or mixed race. Thirty years ago the population was about 90,000 less than at present.

87%, or 300,000 of the total population is Roman Catholic.

The diocese was erected on 27 September 1850 and the bishop resided at Fort-de-France. Three years later the bishop’s see was transferred to Saint-Pierre. Even though the bishop now resides at Fort-de-France, since the destruction of Saint-Pierre in 1902, the official name of the diocese is Saint-Pierre &
Fort-de-France de la Martinique. On 30 September 1967 the diocese was elevated to the rank of archdiocese.

St. Pierre & Fort-de-France - Prelate Information

Archbishop of Saint-Pierre & Fort-de-France

Archevêché, 5-7 rue du Révérend Père Pinchon, B.P.586, 97207 Fort-de-France Cedex, Martinique
Tel: (596) 596.63.70.70; Fax: (596) 596.63.75.21

Archbishop of Fort de France - Saint Pierre (Martinique) since 2003 
Born February 4, 1936 at Vauclin (Martinique) 
Priest December 20, 1959 in Rome for the Diocese of Fort-de-France - Saint-Pierre 
was appointed bishop January 8, 2004 
Consecrated Bishop April 18, 2004


Studies Primary Vauclin; 
College Seminary-College of Fort-de-France, 
“Small House of Clerics of Saint Joseph” in Allex (Drôme).


degree in theology at the University Urbaniana in Rome 
Studies Diploma accounting education (CNAM), 
Diploma in computer operating programmer.


Ministries exercised
Vicar-Sainville Lands (1960-1962), 
Vicar at Lamentin (1962-1963), 
Chaplain at the Lycée Schoelcher Fort-de-France and the Young Christian Students (YCS) (1963-1964), 
Vicar Lands Sainville-and Sainte-Thérèse (1964-1966); 
Ministry in France (1966-1970), 
Chaplain School at Fort-de-France (1970-1972), 
Chaplain of the Seminary College and prisons in Fort-de- France (1974-1981), 
pastor of the Cathedral of Fort-de-France (1981-2004)

St. Pierre & Fort-de-France - Succession of Prelates


Most Rev. Jean-François-Etienne Le Herpeur: 1851-1857

Most Rev. Louis-Martin Porchez: 1858-1860

Most Rev. Armand-Joseph Fava: 1871-

Most Rev. Julien-François-Pierre Carmené: 1875-1897

Most Rev. Joseph-Etienne-Frédéric Tanoux: 1898-1899

Most Rev. Marie-Charles-Alfred de Cormont: 1899-1911

Most Rev. Joseph-
François Mallert, C.S.Sp
.: 1912-1914

Most Rev. Paul-Louis-Joseph Lequien, C.S.Sp.: 1915-1941

Most Rev. Henri-Marie-François de Sales Varin de la Brunelière, C.S.Sp.: 1941-1972

Most Rev. Maurice Marie-Sainte: 1972-2004