Diocesan officials

The Diocesan Curia (The Chancery)


The Diocesan Curia (referred to as the Chancery) is comprised of persons and institutions that assist the Archbishop in the governance of the whole diocese, i.e. the guidance of pastoral action, administration, the exercise of judicial power.ARCHBISHOP: Most Rev Edward J Gilbert, CSsR 
Address: 27 Maraval Road, Port of Spain 
e-mail: abishop@carib-link.netSecretary/Archbishop’s Office: Mrs Maria Afong
Phone: 622 1103
Fax: 622 1165
e-mail: absec@carib-link.net


e-mail: vicaradmin@rcpos.org
Secretary/ Vicar’s Office: Ms Anne Marie McGrath
Phone: 628 6553
Fax: 622 1165
e-mail: admin@rcpos.org

Vicar: Msgr Esau Joseph

Vicar: Msgr Cuthbert Alexander
Address: Catholic Media Services Ltd (Camsel)
31 Independence Square, Port of Spain
Phone: 623 7620
e-mail: calex.camsel@rcpos.org

METROPOLITAN TRIBUNALThe Metropolitan Tribunal is the vicariate established by canon law as the judicial arm of the Archbishop’s government of the Archdiocese. As such it is the court system of the Church and the canonical forum for the resolution of legal questions arising from the activity of the Church and of the faithful. It is delegated to handle matters of permissions and dispensations pertaining to
Address: 11 Stephen’s Road, Maraval
Judicial Vicar: Archbishop-elect Joseph Harris, CSSp
Phone: 622 1 369
Fax: 628 5249
e-mail: jharris@priest.com

CHANCELLORChancellor: Sr Anne Marie Rodriguez
628 1986
Fax: 622 8372
e-mail: chancellor@carib-link.net

PERSONNEL BOARDThe Board assists the Archbishop in matters pertaining to the assignment and general welfare of priests and deacons.Board Members: Msgr Christian D Pereira; Msgr Esau Joseph; Fr Herbert Charles, CSSp; Fr Christopher Lumsden; Msgr Allan Ventour; Fr Ferdinand Warner, OP; Fr Derek Anton; Co-adjutor Archbishop Joseph Harris, CSSp; Fr Roger Paponette

ARCHDIOCESAN FINANCE COUNCIL (AFC)Canon law requires every diocese to have a finance council to advise the Bishop. The duties of the AFC include reviewing the financial and operational performance of the Archdiocese and all public juridical persons established by canon law and the Archbishop, including compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and canon law.Council Members: Ms Bernadette Patrick, Mr Peter Clarke, Mr Philip Hamel-Smith, Mrs Angela Lee Loy, Mr Victor Mouttet, Mr Michael Toney, Mrs Doris Wong, Mr Nestor Lambert

FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATORFinancial Administrator: Ms Bernadette Patrick
Phone: 622 2691
Fax: 622 8372
e-mail: financeadmin@rcpos.org

HUMAN RESOURCESChairman of Human Resources: Mr Nestor Lambert
Ms Beverly Gomes-Nunes, Mrs Shirley Tappin, Ms Angela Rodolfo
Phone: 622 2691
e-mail: hr@rcpos.org

ARCHDIOCESAN PASTORAL COUNCILThe Archdiocesan Pastoral Council is a
canonically instituted body of lay people, religious and clergy appointed by the Archbishop to advise him in the pastoral activities and apostolic works of the Archdiocese.
Council Members: Archbishop Edward J Gilbert, CSsR; Sr Adriana Noel, O.Carm; Fr Rudolph Mohammed; Mr Clarence Mitchell; Ms Thora Best; Mr Percy Joseph; Ms Nkoma Monsegue; Ms Eulah Oliveire; Ms Taresa Best; Rev Jeffrey Supersad; Ms Melissa Borel; Mr Sylvester Charles; Ms Maria Samad; Mr Alwyn Soo Hon; Rev Derek Walcott.Chairman: Mr Clarence Mitchell
Phone: 689 9466
e-mail: cImitch@tstt.net.tt

COLLEGE OF CONSULTORSThe College of Consultors is a canonically instituted body of priests appointed and selected by the Archbishop. It is a
consultative body that is similar to the presbyteral council from which it proceeds
 (see next page). The College is smaller in composition and because of its simplified convocation, the Archbishop is provided with uninterrupted assistance in the governance of the diocese. The body elects an archdiocesan administrator should the episcopal seat become vacant.Consultors: Msgr Christian D Pereira; Fr Herbert Charles, CSSp (Provincial of the Spiritan Fathers); Fr Ferdinand Warner, OP (Regional Prior of the Dominicans); Co-adjutor Archbishop Joseph Harris, CSSp (Judical Vicar).

ARCHDIOCESAN COUNCIL OF PRIESTSThe Council of Priests (presbyteral Council) comprises a group of priests who serve as a “senate” to the Bishop, assisting him in the governance of the diocese and the pastoral welfare of the Church. The Archdiocese has taken the innovative step to do away with the council of a few appointees. Instead, the entire presbyterate in Trinidad and Tobago forms the Presbyteral Council.

REGIONAL EPISCOPAL VICARSA regional vicar is a priest, appointed by the Bishop to exercise authority over a specific territory of the diocese. Like the vicar general, the Regional Episcopal Vicars assist the Archbishop in the proper governance of diocesan affairs within their vicariate. The Archdiocese of Port of Spain has five Regional Vicars to serve the five vicariates.Fr Christopher Lumsden - Central VicariateFr Derek Anton - Eastern VicariateMsgr Esau Joseph - Northern VicariateMsgr Christian Pereira - Southern VicariateFr Ferdinand Warner, OP - Suburban Vicariate