Port of Spain - Sees, Country information


Became an Archdiocese 30 April, 1850
Suffragan Sees
Bridgetown, Georgetown, Paramaribo, Willemstad
Formerly Vicariate Apostolic of the English, Dutch, French & Danish islands of the West Indies, 1819

The nation comprises the islands of Trinidad & Tobago


Trinidad is an island, 4,828 square km or 1,864 square miles, situated 10 degrees north, 61 degrees west. Tobago, another island, 300 square km or 116 square miles, is situated 11 degrees north, 60 degrees west.

Both islands form the Independent Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.

In 1962 Trinidad & Tobago became an Independent Nation. In 1976 this nation became a Republic within the British Commonwealth of Nations. In 1980 the Tobago House of Assembly was established.

The official statistics for population and religious affiliation given by the Central Statistical office in 1998 are: p>

The population of Trinidad & Tobago was 1,262,366. Africans comprise 39.6%, East Indians 40.3%, Europeans 0.6%, Chinese 0.4% Other 0.2%, not-stated 0.5% and Mixed 18.4%.

Religious Affiliation in 1998  (% based on the last official census of 1990)



 Roman Catholics        29.4%
Hindus                       23.8%
Anglicans                   10.9%
Muslims                     05.8%
Presbyterians             03.4%
Others                       25.7%
stated                  01.0%

Sacramental Data for period 1994-2000


During the last seven (7) years, thirty six thousand eight hundred and two (36,802) Baptisms of infants are recorded in the parish registers of the archdiocese. Seventeen thousand, four hundred and ninety five (17,
young people were confirmed. Twenty nine thousand two hundred and eleven (29,211) children received their First Holy Communion. Six thousand two hundred and ninety six (6,296) marriages were witnessed by one of our Catholic Clergy.

The archdiocese has had some positive experiences with the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). As a result of the ongoing efforts to implement this programme throughout the archdiocese the Religious Education Department has indicated that from the period 1994 to 2001 thirteen hundred and eighty three (1383) adult Converts coming from non-Christian Religious backgrounds were initiated strong> into the Roman Catholic Church. Two hundred and ninety (290) validly baptised Christians were fully incorporated into the Roman Catholic Church. Three thousand six hundred and eight (3608) baptised Roman Catholics completed their initiation by being confirmed during the Easter ceremonies in these years.