Raising of archbishop Felix to the college of Cardinal of first and signal honour for the AEC region

In an immediate reaction to the news that Emeritus Archbishop of Castries Kelvin Felix has been named a Cardinal by Pope Francis, Archbishop Patrick Pinder of Nassau, President of the Antilles Episcopal Conference has said, “This is a signal honour in that Archbishop Felix is the first from the AEC region to be raised to the College of Cardinal.  On behalf of all the bishops of the AEC I offer my heartfelt  congratulation, fraternal support and prayers for Cardinal Elect Kelvin Edward Felix. This is a cause for great joy and encouragement for the people of our region and especially the Catholic Community”.
Bishop Gabriel Malzaire, bishop of Roseau, said “it is a wonderful honour for St. Lucia  and the region as well as for  Dominica where Archbishop Felix hails from, that the contribution of a humble servant of God and  of the people of small territories is recognized by the Church. He added that “ Archbishop Felix himself was made aware that he was being raised to the college of cardinals only 2 hours before the public announcement by Pope Francis today”
While he is the first from the AEC to become a Cardinal, “I also must recall that he follows in the footsteps of the late Bishop Joseph Bowers, also a Dominican who was the first Black Bishop ordained in the New World.  Another son of Dominica, Methodist Minister Philip Potter also rose to become the President of the World Council of Churches,”  noted bishop Malzaire. “I am very proud to be a member of the body of bishops of the AEC at this time when such a great honour is bestowed on Archbishop Felix and the entire church in the region.”
Today 12 January Pope Francis announced in Rome the name of Archbishop Felix as one of 19 prelates in the Catholic church who will be made cardinal at a ceremony at the Vatican on 22 February

In the Joy of the Gospel