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Province of Castries
Created a Diocese April 30, 1850
Comprises the Commonwealth of Dominica, W.I.


Dominica’s surface area is 289 square miles. The island was discovered by Columbus on a Sunday, hence the name Dominicus: the Lord’s day. It attained Associated Statehood in 1967 and full national independence on November 3, 1978.The total population is
approximately 75,705 people over 45% of whom are under 19 years of age. The unemployment rate is 18.6%.
More than 89% is of African origin, 7% is mixed race and other is 2%. The Amerindians are 2%.70% of the population is Roman Catholic. The Methodists are 4.2%, Seventh Day Adventists 4.6%, Pentecostal Assemblies 4.3%, Baptists over 2.8% and Anglicans under 1%.