The Life of Grace - Bishop Gordon’s 1st pastoral letter

In his first pastoral letter to the Church communities in Barbados and St Vincent, Bishop Jason Gordon has called on faithful to develop their prayer life; forgive and seek forgiveness; be thankful to God; and be hospitable to one and all.

Entitled The Life of Grace, Bishop Gordon’s pastoral letter is based on the Gospel reading for the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Mt 21:28-32. It was issued September 25.

“This parable asks us, the people of the dioceses of Kingstown and Bridgetown at the beginning of this new millennium and new stage of our journey together, to reflect upon our response to the life of grace; this rich gift that God has given to us. In our reflection to see the space between what we say and what we do.

“It is here that Christianity is accepted or rejected, here that we offer ourselves to God or reject God and his
precious gift. It is in our actions and choices that we find the path or lose our way to God…  Let us use this time to reflect on our actions, on our choices, our habits, our dispositions.”

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