Appointment of Archbishop Felix as CARDINAL

To His Grace Archbishop Patrick Pinder

Archbishop of  Nassau and President of the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC)

-To All Bishops and Ordinaries of the AEC

-To the Clergy, Men and Women belonging to Religious Congregations, to the Deacons and  to all the Brothers and Sisters in Christ of the Region of the AEC


With great joy I have the  honor to participate  the  following  joyful and historic news for our Region: Our beloved Holy Father Pope Francis at noon  (time or Rome) today (January 12th, 2014), Feast of the Baptism of our Lord, announced that during the Public Concistory on February 22nd  2014 (Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter), will create Cardinal His Grace Mons. Kelvin Edward Felix, Archbishop Emeritus of Castries (Saint Lucia).

For the first time one member of the Episcopate the Region of AEC will be elevated to the dignity of Cardinal. We all rejoice and congratulate Archbishop Felix for this appointment which (as  Pope Francis  mentioned today) is an acknowledgment “for his long and  dedicated service to the Holy See and to the Church”.

We express our profound  gratitude to Pope Francis for having considered for  first time in the history of the AEC,  to appoint  Cardinal  a member of the Episcopate of this Region. This appointment is also a great sign of appreciation for  the tireless and dedicated pastoral ministry of all our Bishops and  for the Church of this beloved Region.

While we will be united to Archbishop Felix, who will receive the “Red Hat’ at the St. Peter Basilica in the Vatican  (on February 22nd  , 2014)  we  pray for the new Cardinal, and for the pastoral ministry of all our Bishops in the Region.

Archbsihop Nicola Girasoli

Apostolic Nuncio to the AEC


Enclosed C.V. of Archbishop Felix


Curriculum Vitae of

His Grace Mgr. Kelvin Edward FELIX

Archbishop Emeritus of Castries (Saint Lucia)

Appointed Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church


Born in Roseau (Commonwealth of Dominica) on February 15. 1933, he was ordained priest on the 8th April 1956. The 17 of July 1981 he was elected Archbishop of Castries (Saint Lucia) and consecrated Bishop on 5 October 1981.

He was Archbishop of Castries for almost 27 years.

Archbishop Felix in one of the most loved and respected Bishops of the Region.

He was  President of the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC) 1991-1997 and he represented  the AEC to many important ecclesiastic events and Synods of the Bishops in Rome.

He has been also President of the Council of Caribbean Conference of Churches.

He received many decorations and civil acknowledgments, among them, in 1986 Archbishop Felix,  was awarded with the Doctorate Honoris Causa at the St. Francis Xavier University (Nova Scotia).

Archbishop Felix retired as Archbishop  of Castries on the 15 February 2008 and at present he lives in the Commonwealth of Dominica where he still continues his pastoral ministry in a Parish and dedicating  himself  also to the vocation for the priesthood.