“Be promoters of a Culture of Encounter,” Continental Catholic Communicators urged.

all participants at the Signis ALC (Latin America and Caribbean) Assembly in Quito 1-3 August

In her own Video presentation Susana Nuin, Head of Celam’s Communications Department urged the communications to not “speak about Jesus but rather Live in Jesus, following his example in our work.”

46 participants representing Signis Communication groups from 13 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean from Chile to Mexico, Dominican Republic to Brazil along with the Vice President of worldwide Signis, Cuban Gustavo Andujar, met to approve a new 3 year mandate of Catholic Communicators and to elect new officers for a region that accounts for more than half the world’s Catholics.

The unanimously approved renewed mandate of the organization commits members to “accompany and promote the renewal of the Church and Catholic Communication in the light of the Aparecida Document, the teaching of Pope Francis and communion with Episcopal Conferences, CELAM and the Vatican’s PCSC.” It also committed them to “promote and consolidate  the organization of Catholic Communicators in all our countries, opening up our association to all communicators who are interested in sharing their experience and skills and are willing to participate collaboratively to promote communications rooted in Christian and human values in the world.”

Among existing Signis-ALC joint programmes of the association to be expanded to target the Caribbean more actively are those in Radio-Evangelization, Cinema and Spirituality, Young Communicators, as well as in assisting member organizations in “updating their knowledge and skills in the context of new times, new concepts, new technologies, new languages and the new challenges now facing the Church and society”

The newly elected  broadly representative Executive of Signis-ALC comprises President Monica Villanueva of Peru, Vice President Argentinean Rocco Oppedisano, Jorge Bazan from Paraguay, Mexican Cesar Arellano, Frank Perez from the  Dominican Republic and Marianela Pinto of Ecuador. At the May 2013 Assembly of Signis Caribbean in Dominica in which 11 countries were represented from across the AEC, Mike James was elected at the Signis Caribbean representative. Under an arrangement to ensure representation from the AEC region in the Continental Signis group, he was directly appointed o the Executive. The AEC Caribbean alternate on the Signis-ALC board also elected in Dominica is Fr. Tony Jeroncic of Antigua.

At the meeting it was also announced that the Signis International Assembly will take place 25 February -1 March 2014 in Rome where the Signis-ALC region will be represented by President and Vice President.

Mike James