27th Sunday of the Year - Sunday 5th October

The reflections for October are by Bishop Francis Alleyne, Bishop of Georgetown, Guyana and Vice-President of the Antilles Episcopal Conference





As Jesus’ audience would have listened to this parable a number of images would have come to mind.  For one, vineyards were part of the landscape for the people of Jesus’ time, they were a common sight just as for us in the Caribbean, depending on where we are, we would be very familiar with tracts of land cultivated for sugar, rice, coconut or banana - and I am sure some interesting parables could be gleaned from local agricultural practices.  Continue reading

Our sisters and brothers in Gaza long to live with the dignity of Children of God”

Statement issued by Signis ALC (Signis Latin America and the Caribbean on which Signis Caribbean is also represented)

Statement in Spanish Pronunciamiento PALESTINA

Our sisters and brothers in Gaza long to live with the dignity of Children of God”

Jesus said, “I leave you peace, my peace I give you. The peace I give is not like the world gives. Let not your hearts be troubled or afraid. “(John 14:27) Continue reading

Am I my Brother’s Guardian? Certainly say AEC Bishops

The Bishops of the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC) are deeply concerned by the ongoing violence in Gaza. We are profoundly disturbed by the high numbers of civilians, especially children, being killed and wounded. We believe that this conflict, like that in Syria, and Iraq are an indictment on humanity and constitute a fundamental challenge to the whole human family. Continue reading

Gospel Meditation Project by Bishops of the AEC

The Bishops of the AEC will be sharing meditations on the Gospels for each Sunday starting with 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time (3rd August 2014).  A different Bishop will be preparing the meditations for each month and the meditations will be posted on the website at the beginning of each week.

The first week is attached Gospel Reflection August 3, 2014 18th Sun OT

The meditation for 10th August will be posted on 4th August.

The meditations for August will be by Bishop Christopher Glancy, Auxiliary Bishop of Belize. ( Background - Bishop Christopher Glancy)

HISTORY AND MEMORY - Catholic Theology in the Caribbean Today

2014 Editorial - Catholic News - Trinidad
Saturday, 21 June 2014 12:27
Catholic Theology in the Caribbean Today celebrated its 20th anniversary but 17th conference, from June 9-14. The conference, which was held at the Seminary, Mt St Benedict, was titled “History and Memory”. Some highlights of it were carried in last week’s Catholic News and some in this week’s paper.



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A Breath of Joyful Life - ABP- Biblical Animation of all Pastoral Life,”


A Breath of Joyful Life

The Living Word [1]

Guillermo Acero [2], Mike James [3], Mary Elizabeth Sperry [4]

The Bible in the life and mission of the Latin American church

COMING TO LIFE. The basilica cathedral in Aparecida, Brazil, during the local Marian feast, Oct. 12, 2006.

In Ezekiel 37, the prophet sees a field of dry bones that come together with sinews, flesh, and skin, yet have no life. The bones do not come to life until Ezekiel prophesies—sharing the word of God, filling them with the Spirit that gives life. Following Ezekiel’s example, in recent years the church has called upon all who serve in the church to breathe the Word of God into their work, giving these ministries new life and purpose in Jesus Christ. This “breathing in” or “enlivening” is called “Biblical Animation of all Pastoral Life,” known by the initals for its name in Spanish, Animación Bíblica de la pastoral (ABP). Continue reading

Suriname bishop retires …Administrator appointed

Catholic News - Trinidad - 7th June 2014

The bishop’s seat at the Minor Basilica of Ss Peter and Paul in Paramaribo, Suriname, is now officially vacant, hopefully to be filled in the not too distant future.

Bishop Wilhelmus de Bekker turned 75 on April 27 and, as is mandatory, submitted his resignation letter to Rome. Papal Nuncio Archbishop Nicola Girasoli informed the bishops of the Antilles Episcopal Conference that the letter was accepted by Pope Francis.

Apostolic Administrator Fr Antonius te Dorsthorst (left) and Bishop Emeritus Wilhelmus de Bekker at the press conference. Photo taken from dwtonline.com Continue reading