Financial Report - Antilles Episcopal Conference

Summary of Audited Accounts 2013

Following the decision of the Bishops at their Permanent Board Meeting in January 2014 AEC bishops to lead by example in financial transparency and accountability  the AEC publishes the attached summary of its own finances for 2013 which has been prepared by the auditors of the Conference and approved at the Annual Plenary Meeting held in May 2014

Commission activities supported by the Conference  during 2013 included Education Commission Meeting  in January at  St. John Vianney Seminary in Trinidad,  Justice and Peace Commission meeting, Seminar  on Domestic Violence  and  Virtus Coordinators Seminar, in May, Guyana and the  AEC bishops meeting with Cardinal Filoni  at the end of November in Trinidad.and AEC programmes in support of the Biblical Animation of All Pastoral Life priority of the AEC for the period 2013-2015


The attachments,underlined in the Statement, which provide financial and narrative details of the activities of the AEC in 2013  are word files and clicking on them downloads the word file which can then be read.