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Province of Nassau, Bahamas
Established as a Diocese, June 12, 1967
Formerly a Vicariate Apostolic, January 28, 1956
Previously a Prefecture Apostolic, March 10, 1953
Comprises the Bermuda Islands



Bermuda lies approximately 700 miles off the cost of North Carolina, U.S.A. and is a group of 138 islands which are of volcanic in origin and now covered with a limestone cap. The mainland is made up of the seven largest islands which are connected by bridges and causeways. The total area measures 21 square miles.

Bermuda is a dependent territory of Great Britain. Although self-governing, the United Kingdom remains responsible for Bermuda’s defense, external affairs, internal security, and the administration of the police force. The 2000 Census lists the total Population of Bermuda at 63,023 with 61% black and 39% white and other races.

The 2000 Census lists the Anglican Church as the largest church with 23% of the population and the Roman Catholics as second largest with 15% of the population, or roughly 9,000 members. The Açorean Portuguese makes up the largest foreign born population of the Catholic Church. Açorean immigration to Bermuda began in 1850. As a result, many Bermuda born children, who maintain their Açorean Portuguese heritage, are members of the Catholic Church.