Kingston - Prelate Information

Sixth Archbishop of Kingston

Archbishop’s Residence: 21 Hopefield Avenue, P.O. Box 43, Kingston 6, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel.: (876) 927-6282; Fax: (876) 927-4487
e-mail: [email protected]
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Born: 25 April 1940; Ordained priest: August 12, 1970; Ordained bishop: February 10, 1996; Installed Archbishop of Kingston: June 16, 2011


The Coat of Arms of the new Archbishop of Archdiocese, His Lordship Most Reverend Charles Henry Dufour.

The right side of the shield, facing the viewer on the left:
The red cross from the Jamaican shield represents the Cross of Faith. One pineapple only is used to symbolise Jamaica’s blessing of
fruitfulness of the land. In the centre of the large cross, is a golden rondle with a red cross. The circle symbolises Infinity; the use of gold, Divinity, and the colour red is used litugically for Feast Days and signifies Christ’s humanity. The title of the Cathedral, Blessed Sacrament, is symbolised on the circular wafer. The blue base of the shield, with its wavy lines, suggests the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, off the shores of Montego Bay.

The left side of the shield, facing the viewer on the right:
Bishop Dufour’s Personal Coat of Arms: The Chi Rho commands a central place in the design which is on a blue field. The blue is for Mary.

The Chi Rho signifies
Christ at the centre of the life of a Bishop who is a Teacher and Servant of the People of God. The three lines radiating above the clouds, suggest the voice of God affirming the mission of the Son.

This mission is expressed in Bishop Dufour’s motto: SENT TO SERVE (Mk. 10:45). The basin and goblet with water flowing, and set to right of the Chi Rho, are traditional Jamaican symbols of cleansing.

The hands to the left are at once clasped in Prayer and open for service. The dove completes the symbols of the Trinity and hovers over the Christ who calls his Priests to serve; inspired by the spirit of Wisdom and Love.

The flames at the base symbolise the French
ancestry of Bishop Dufour. This surname is of French origin and means, “Of the Furnace”. It also expresses the fervour and zeal which characterise his style of ministry.