Mandeville - Chancery, Parishes, Clergy


59 Main Street (LOJ Building), P.O. 8, Mandeville
Tel: (876) 962–1269, 961-2947-50; Fax: (876) 962–1297; e-mail: [email protected]

Vicar General: Very Rev. Msgr. Michael Palud, MSM; e-mail: [email protected]
Chancellor strong>: Deacon Dennis Hendriks; e-mail
[email protected]
Judicial Vicar: 
Marriage Tribunal

Archives: Deacon Dennis Hendriks, Ms. Jacqueline Chong
Accounting: Mr. Lionel Jack
Business: Deacon Ron Hamilton, Ms. Lauradeanne Brown
Catechetics & Resource Centre: Sr. Colette Graham, Mrs. Dotris joseph, Ms. Angela Daley
Communication: Deacon Dennis Hendriks
Construction: Mr. James Godfrey
Driver: Mr. Roan Tyndale, M. Michael Simpson
Education: Mr. David Brooks
Familly Life: Mrs. Eda McLaren (Tel: (876) 625-3701)
Global Solidarity: Sr. Connie Ostrander, OSB
Hope Distribution Centre strong>: Mrs. Eda McLaren, Ms. Paula Peart, Deacon Joseph Thompson, Mr. Michael Simpson, Mr. Meekcus Waite, Mr. Fabian Daley
Liturgy: Rev. Anthony Aarons, msm
Maintenance: Mr. Kevin Malcolm, Mr. Howard Burrell, Mr. Oral Baker, Mr. Marlon Willis, Mr. Seymour Henry, Mr. Kimroy Daley, Mr. Hanif Frazer, Mrs. Judith King
Medical Coordinator: Dr. Carol Narkevic, M.D.
Motor: Mr. Roan Tyndale, Ms. Jacqueline Chong
Office of Peace & Social Justice: Fr. Peter Gitumbu
Our Lady of Dunsinane National Shrine: Fr. Peter Girumbu
Pontifical Missions: Msgr. Michael Palud, MSM, Mr. Lauradeanne Brown
Pastoral Office: Rev. Patrick Mbugua
Projects: Deacon Dennis Hendriks
Receptionist: Ms. Jean Blackwood
Secretary: Mrs. Norma Hendriks
Youth Coordinator: Mr. Lionel Jack />U.S. Satellite office: Sr. Connie Ostrander, O.S.B., Sr. Naomi Rosenberger, O.S.B.


PRO–CATHEDRAL: St. Paul of the Cross
78 Manchester Road, P.O. Box 117, Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 962–3260; Fax: (876) 962–4574
Rev. Paul Ruttle, C.P. e-mail[email protected]; Deacon Dennis Hendriks (Tel. 962-2866/376-
0529), e-mail: [email protected]; Br. Michael Stomber, C.P. e-mail: [email protected]

Albion Gully: St. John Fisher (Mission)
Albion Gully, Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.
Rev. Paul Mushi

Alligator Pond: St. Gemma (Mission)
Alligator Pond,
Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.
Rev. Roland Dessine, Rev. Michael Palud, O.FF.M., Rev. Samuel Alloggia, O.FF.M., Bro. Brad Smith, O.FF.M., Bro. Raymond Sorin, O.FF.M, Mr. Errol Stephenson, Pastoral Minister [Tel: (876) 965-8118

Balaclava: St. Gabriel
P.O. Box 3, Balaclava, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 963–2202; e-mail: [email protected]
Rev. Francis Dupuis (Cell: (876) 375-0431), Sr. Mary Wilfreda, MC, Sr. Mary Clara, MC, Sr. Mary Zenette, MC, Sr. Mary Petrina, MC, Sr. Mary Florette, MC

Black River: St. Theresa
P.O. Box 15, Black River, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 965–2209

Braes River: Christ the King

Bull Savannah: St. Vincent Strambi
Savannah P.A., St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 965–8564/607-8016; Fax: (876) 965–8564
Rev. Anthony Aarons, MSM (Cell: 399-2998), e-mail: [email protected]; Msgr. Michael Palud, MSM (Cell: (876) 469-2542), e-Mail: [email protected]; Rev. Roland Dessine, MSM (Cell: (876) 384-2715); Rev. Samuel Alloggia, MSM (Cell: (876) 454-7573); Rev. Joseph Burg, MSM (Cell: (876) 443-6370), e-mail: [email protected]; Rev. Raymond Sorin, MSM, Bro. Brad Smith, MSM (Cell: 355-8103), e-mail: [email protected]; Bro. Philipe Da Silva Nunes, MSM

Chapelton: St. Robert Bellarmine
P.O. Box 25, Chapelton, Clarendon, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 987–2259
Rev. Bernard Muraga (Cell: (876) 470-0549) e-mail: [email protected]

Christiana: Sacred Heart
P.O. Box 35, Christiana, Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 964–2315
>Rev. Pul Mushi (Cell: (876) 383-9899) e-mail: [email protected]; Deacon Ronald Hamilton (Tel: (876) 964-2057) e-mail: [email protected]
In residence: Rev. Thomas Waweru (Tel: (876) 866-2006)

Clarendon: Our Lady of the Annunciation
Hayes P.O., Clarendon, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 986-0906
Rev. Boniface Orji (Cell: (876) 473-9858; e-mail: [email protected]

Cross Keys: St. Joseph
Cross Keys, Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.
e-mail: [email protected]
Rev. Patrick Mwangi (Cell: (876) 383-7183)

Dunsinane: Our Lady of Dunsinane
Dunsinane, Hathfield P.O., Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 963–0293; e-mail: [email protected]
Rev. Peter Gitumbu (Cell: (876) 873-8653)

Fairburn; St. Benedict
James Hill P.A., Clarendon, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 650-2255; e-mail:[email protected]
Rev. Bernard Muraga, [Cell: (876) 470-0549]

Knockpatrick: St. Charles Lwanga
O. Box 8, Manchester, Jamaica. W.I.
Tel: (876) 904-8076
Rev. Martin Ndyanabo (Cell: (876) 873-9645) e-mail: [email protected]

Lionel Town: St. Margaret Mary
Lionel Town P.O. Box 36, Clarendon, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 986-5053; e-mail: [email protected]
Rev. Joseph Mndambo, [Cell: (876) 881-8843]

Mt. Oliphant: St. John Baptist font> (Mission)
Pratville, Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.

Maggotty: Holy Spirit
Maggotty P.O., St. Elizabeth
: (876) 963-9774; Fax: (876) 963-9771; e-mail: [email protected]
Rev. Marek Bzinkowski

May Pen: strong>St. Thomas More
P.O. Box 22, May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 986–2317; Fax: (876) 987–2232
Rev. Paul Ruwaichi (Cell: (876) 365-0360) e-mail: [email protected], Deacon Algion Charlton
In residence: Rev. Maurice Oduor]

Morgan’s Forest: St. Augustine (Mission)
Morgan’s Forest, Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.

Oxford: St. Anthony (Mission)
P.O. Box 87, Balaclava P.O., St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 963–2202
Rev. Paul Bugembe (Cell: (876) 401-3225), e-mail: [email protected]

Pisgah: St. John Berchman
Pisgah P.A., St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 817-8878
Rev. Joseph Kimani (Cell: (876) 374-8842); e-mail: [email protected]

Portland Cottage: St. Philomena (Mission)
Portland Cottage, Clarendon, Jamaica, W.I.

Porus: Our Lady of the Assumption
P.O. Box 9, Porus, Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 904-1238; Fax: (876) 904-1238
Rev. Zachaeus Munyao (Cell: (876) 881-8901); e-
: [email protected]; Deacon Joseph Thompson (Cell: 9876) 494-8184)

Pratville: Holy Cross
Pratville P.O., Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 990-5427; e-mail: [email protected]
Rev. Martin Ndyanabo (Cell: (876) 873-9645)

Santa Cruz: Saint Croix
style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: 'Arial','sans-serif'">P.O. Box 131, 20 Institution Drive, Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: (876) 966–9659; e-mail: [email protected]
Rev. Patrick Mbuua (Cell: (876) 383-9699), Sr. Jane Wanjiku, ASN, (Cell: (876) 394-3116), Sr. Eva Bazannya, ASN, (Cell: (876) 469-0616), Sr. Agnes Mwongela, ASN (Cell: (876) 422-0444)

Shrewsbury: St. Peter (Mission)
Rev. Paul Bugembe (Cell: (876) 401-3225)

Treasure Beach: Our Lady, Star of the Sea (Mission)
Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth,
Jamaica, W.I.
Rev.Roland Dessine, MSM

Victoria Town: St. Martin de Porres (Mission)
Victoria Town P.O., South Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.
e-mail: [email protected]
Rev. Naylon Paschal Mugenyi (Cell: (876) 887-5669)

Williamsfield: Our Lady of Hope
P.O. Box 61, Williamsfield, Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.
Rev. Zachaeus Munyao (Cell: (876) 881-8901); e-mail em>: [email protected]