Nassau - Chancery, Parishes, Clergy

West Street, P. O. Box N 8187, Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 322–8919; (242) 322-7711; Fax: (242) 322–2599 or (242) 322-7722

Vicar General: Msgr. Preston A. Moss

Chancellor: Rev. Alfred Culmer

Metropolitan Tribunal:
P.O. Box N8187, West Street, Nassau, Bahamas
(242) 322–8919; Fax: (242) 322–2599
Rev. Kendrick Forbes, Judicial Vicar

Financial Officer: Mrs. Renee Knowles

Assistant Financial Officer: Mr. Anthony Hanna

Catholic Archdiocesan Annual Appeal & Stewardship Office: Ms. Michelle D. Mitchell, Director



St. Francis Xavier
West Hill & West Sts., P.O. Box N8187, Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 356–3008, (242) 356–3009; (242) 322–8528 (Rectory); Fax: (242) 323–3802;Rev. Glen Nixon, Rector; Rev. Elvado Turnquest, Associate, Deacon Jeffrey Lloyd [Tel: (242) 393-5971]

Boyd Road: St. Joseph’s
P.O. Box N4388, Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 323–5993; Fax: (242) 323–6621
Rev. Martin Gomes, SS.CC., Deacon Gregory Taylor  [Tel: (242) 393-8863]

Coconut Grove: St. Cecilia’s
3rd Street, The Grove, P. O. Box N 8187, Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 323–5796, 322–5579; Fax: (242) 323-4008
Msgr. Simeon Roberts

East Shirley Street: Sacred Heart
P.O. Box SS 5913, Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 326–6274; (242) 326–6004; Fax: (242) 325–8549
Rev. Mel Taylor, OSB

Fox Hill: St. Anselm’s
P.O. Box FH14–389, Nassau, Bahamas
Tel/Fax: (242) 324–1325
Msgr. Preston A. Moss, Deacon Raymond Forbes; [Tel: (242) 341-1423]

Haitian Apostolate: Queen of Peace
P.O. Box N8187, Faith Avenue (Off Carmichael Road), Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 325–2240
Rev. Roland Vilfort, S.M.M.

Robinson Road: Holy Family
P.O. Box N8187, Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 393–2407 (Rectory), (242) 393–4277 (Office); Fax: (242) 393–2981
Rev. Kendrick Forbes, Pastor; Deacon Andrew Burrows [Tel: (242) 362-1434]

Lyford Cay: St. Paul the Apostle
P.O. Box N8187, Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 362–4410
Rev. Robert Lefebvre, M.M., Pastor; Rev. Manuel Garcia Pazos

Palmdale: St. Thomas More
P.O. Box 4108, Madeira St., Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 325–8150
Msgr. Alfred Culmer

South Beach: Church of the Resurrection
P.O. Box N8187, Joan’s Heights, Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 392–3021; Fax: (242) 392–5181
Rev. Pio Galumalemana, Administrator; Deacon Samuel Mitchell [Tel: (242) 392–2975]

Sutton Street: St. Bede’s
P.O. Box SS5014, Sutton St., Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 393–3853
Rev. Alain Laverne

Young Street: Our Lady of the Holy Souls
 P.O. Box N8187, Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 325–4521; e–mail: [email protected]
Rev. Michael Kelly, SS.CC., Deacon Peter
Rahming [Tel: (242) 325–8031]; Deacon Maxwell Johnson [Tel: (242) 364-2976]



Marsh Harbour: St. Francis de Sales
P.O. Box AB20433, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Tel/Fax: (242) 367–2714
Rev. Roger Madrazo

Treasure Cay: Saints Mary & Andrew
P.O. Box 4142, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
Tel/Fax: (242) 367–2714; e–mail: [email protected]
Rev. Roger Madrazo


Fresh Creek: St. John Chrysostom
Point, Calabash Bay, Cargill Creek
Fresh Creek, Andros, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 368–2105
served from Nassau

Little Creek: Sacred Heart of Jesus
Little Creek, S. Andros, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 369–5031
Deacon Theophilus Rolle, Tel: (242) 369–4669 [Residence]: (242) 369–4521; (242) 369–5031 [Rectory]

Mangrove Cay: St. Benedict’s
Mangrove Cay, Andros, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 369–0411; Fax: (242) 369–0093
served from Nassau


Holy Name
P.O. Box 622, Bailey Town, Bimini, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 347–2239
Deacon John Sears (242) 347-2134


New Bight: Holy Redeemer
Old Bight, Port Howe, Bainstown, Devil’s Point
New Bight, Cat Island
Tel: (242) 342–3029
served from Nassau


Gregory Town: St. Gregory’s
serving St. Catherine’s -
Hatchet Bay, St. Paul - Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera
P.O. Box 5153, Gregory Town, Eleuthera, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 335–5004
Msgr. John Johnson

Harbour Island, Upper & Lower Bogue: Blessed Sacrament, St. Theresa & St. John the Baptist
P.O. Box EL27080, Harbour Island, Eleuthera, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 333–2124
served from Nassau

Rock Sound: St. Anne’s
serving Our Lady Star of the Sea,
Wemyss Bight
P.O. Box EL26051, Rock Sound, Eleuthera, Bahamas
: (242) 334–2276 Rectory; (242) 334-2179 Convent
Sr. Mary Miller, RSM

EXUMAGeorge Town: St. Theresa
P.O. Box 33, George Town, Exuma, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 336–2678
served from Nassau


Freeport: Mary Star of the Sea
P.O. Box F42418, Freeport, Grand Bahama
Tel: (242) 333–2124
Rev. Ambrose MacKinnon, S.F.M., Deacon Nixon Lindor [Tel: (242) 352-1627(h)]

Hawksbill: Haitian Apostolate
P.O. Box F41954, Hawksbill, Grand Bahama
Tel: (242) 352–5258
Rev. Remy David

Hunters: St. Vincent de Paul
P.O. Box F44633, Hunters, Grand Bahama
Tel: (242) 353–7986
Rev. Reginald Demeritte, Deacon Jeffrey Hollingsworth [Tel: (242) 352-7926 (h)]

Seagrape: St. Agnes
P.O. Box F10050, Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama
Tel: (242) 353–7986
Rev. Reginald Demeritte

West End: St. Michael’s
P.O. Box F68, West End, Grand Bahama
Tel: (242) 346–6315
Rev. David Cooper


SS Peter & Paul
Mortimer, Hamilton, Taits, Dunmore, Buckley, The Bight, Clarence Town
Clarence Town, Long Island, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 337–3802
Rev. Patrick Fanning, SS.CC.; Deacon Patrick Darville [Tel: (242) 337–0205]


Holy Saviour
United States
Cockburn Town, San Salvador, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 331–2101
served from Nassau