Nassau - Sees, Country Information


Established as an Archdiocese July 5, 1999
Established as a Diocese, July 5, 1960
Formerly a Vicariate Apostolic, January 15, 1941
Previously, Prefecture Apostolic, March 21, 1929
Comprises the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, the Bermuda Islands & the
Turks & Caicos Islands are Missio sui iuris


The Bahamas comprise nearly 700 islands (30
inhabited). Land area of the group: 5,358 square miles, population: 330,549, cap. Nassau. The Bahamas became independent on July 10, 1973. San Salvador or Watling’s Island was the first land sighted by Columbus on his maiden voyage to the New World on October 12, 1492.



Turks & Caicos Islands: about 30 islands, only 8 inhabited (168 sq. mi., pop. 16,000, cap. Grand Turk) were formerly dependencies of Jamaica but now have become separate British possessions.