The Permanent Board

The officers of the Conference are the President, the Vice-President and the Treasurer. They are elected every three years. The current officers (2011-2014) are:

  • President: Archbishop Patrick Pinder, Archbishop of Nassau, the Bahamas
  • Vice-President: Bishop Francis Alleyne, Bishop of Georgetown, Guyana
  • Treasurer: Bishop Neil Tiedemann, Bishop of Mandeville, Jamaica

The Permanent Board continues the work of the AEC between plenary sessions. It is composed of:

  • the President (Archbishop Patrick Pinder);
  • the Vice–President (Bishop Francis Alleyne);
  • the Treasurer (Bishop Neil Tiedemann);
  • the Metropolitans (Archbishops Joseph Harris, Michel Méranville, Robert Rivas and Charles Dufour)
  • two elected members (Bishops Emmanuel La Font and Luis Secco).